Playing with tracking
9 years
   I have had a hard time understanding the tutorials (not your fault, mine.) until I got to some Video tutorials. They were easier to understand than the written ones because I could SEE everything. If I had a problem with anything, I could simply rewind and go back and step this through the computer at the same time.  

   I have worked with tracking the red object as well as tracking using the Dreamy Cheek Missile Launcher. I plan to get my robot to track movement and follow me if I have a red shirt on.

  All is going well, except I need to calibrate my missile servos so they are set to zero instead of something else.  If anyone has some ideas, I would appreciate it.

   This will be the first time I will actually be able to use RR for anything useful. That is because of my ignorance. It is a really magnificent program. The more I work with it, the more I learn.  I hope to one day be a Master of RR.

Good Work, Steven!!

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