Roborelm software servo controller
Ash from Australia  [1 posts]
13 year
Hi, I just wanted to know how to use the SOR servo controller to make a servo move more than 8 turns. I am using the axon microcontroller and the roborelm software but i can only manage  to make the servo move only 8 turns forward and 8 turns back. (Note that the servo is capable of moving continuously and i did get it to move 20 turns by chance when i was playing with the software). thanks.
Anonymous 13 year

When you say 'turns' do you mean full rotations or just a quick movement in one direction?

Do you notice any issues using a regular servo? (I realize that you want continuous but just for testing purposes it is useful to know if a regular servo works as expected).

Also be sure to use just one servo channel for starters and leave the rest blank in the SOR RR module. This will ensure that the timing for the servo controller program in the Axon has enough time to accomplish its tasks. Once you've verified one works correctly then try adding more. Note that the code for the servo controller in the Axon is a software implementation of the timing requirements of a servo so it may or may not be correct for a continuous rotational servo.


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