OCR work around
Davido Hyer from United States  [1 posts]
7 years
Since roborealm doesn't support OCR yet, I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to implement it using object recognition or shape match. I tried to do it with some letters from a document I have, and it didn't seem to work at all. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. All I really need to do is have roborealm recognize a 10 digit number on an LCD display, like those on calculators. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anonymous 7 years
Try inverting the image and the templates. The shape match looks for a WHITE object to be recognized. Thus you will have to invert the webcam image AND the template images so that the shape to be recognized is white.


See if that helps a bit.

Anonymous 7 years
Do you have office 2007 installed if so you could use it's ocr


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