smartphone with roborealm
tom from United States  [7 posts]
8 years
I found a android app the lets me connect to my home pc from my droid 2 and  tried a program with roborealm and it worked better then i expected. The delay was not to bad but,was able to drive it around just as good as my wowwee rovio robot.It will get a lot faster when 4G comes out.
Ringo from United States  [18 posts] 8 years
Post some details. Phone app name, what did you have to do to get it working? How did you send commands?
tom from United States  [7 posts] 8 years
the web site is http://softwareforme.com/?page_id=6         i have a verizon droid2. you down load on pc and on phone then just log into your pc. Then you have full controll of pc just like you were sitting in frount of it (just small monitor)I have it on 5 pc and can log into,and controll OR like my daughter computer just see what she is doing with out her knowing i am there
very very cool,better then other programs that charge you like $20 a month
Anonymous 8 years
I am using VNC. compatible with every platform. Also all smart phones support vnc. Over 3g i use Logmein.com. It has also app's for most smartphones and works flawlessly.
tom from United States  [7 posts] 8 years
i tried vnc could not get it to work right, gotomypc.com and Logmein.com tried them both but for the price phonemypc is the best so far

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