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I am so impressed with your product and support. This program is exactly what I needed for my current project!

The visual anchor module works great for what I am trying to do, but I have run into another problem.  

I am trying to photo stitch images together to make a 360 degree panorama. The images are read sequentially from a folder, and then I use visual anchor to line them up. Now I need a way to combine them into a single wide image file (360 degree panorama). I will probably have 20 or more photos in the panorama. I have tried several modules to cut, crop and combine the images, but I am not having success creating the wide image.

Do you have a module that can do this automatically, or a suggestion on how this would best be accomplished?

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Is there a module that can do this?
Anonymous 13 year

There isn't a module specifically that can do this (yet!!) but if we can more demand for this kind of thing we may add one.

For now, you should be able to take the results from the visual anchor, transform the image and then use the math module to combine it into a larger image. If you can zip up some of your images and the current robofile that you are using we can probably get a sequence to complete the task. As there are many ways to do this its probably best if we experiment to see which one may be the best ... this also may lead to a module that can perform this automatically if we find the other modules to not work very well.


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