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Tahari from United States  [4 posts]
7 years
I would like to know how the image match module works. I have not found any documentation in the directory. Is this an old module that is no longer supported? When I train a folder of images, I get a recognition of 95%, but the preview is blank. I can not find any variables to say what image it has recognized.

I am trying to stitch a series of images into a panorama. I would like to read from a file of sequential JPG images and determine when the camera angle has made an entire revolution. The idea would be to train image match with the first photo, and then read each image until it finds one with the same (or close to the same) view. I have tried object recognition with the whole image, but that was not reliable. I am open to ideas.

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Anonymous 7 years

If you download 2.36.3 that module should now be fixed and also documented. The matching is purely based on color/intensity of pixels with no structural information being taken into account. Thus it may or may not work for your task. It will depend on the image content during the camera revolution.

One additional module you might want to try is the visual target module which might be more of what you are looking for. Given a visual target that module tells you how far off in X and Y the image is. That's something that may work better for your situation since you'd trigger the revolution when X and Y are somewhat small.


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