blob_tracking - reset ID's
12 year
Hi, maybe this is an easy question.  I've implemented a number of filters to get a nice single(largest) Blob_Tracking program working.  Just wondering if there is a way to reset the blob id counter?  If I remove the blob from the frame and then bring it back in, it will rename it to id "2" since its a new blob.

Is there a way to keep my single blob as id "1" so that my references to it's x an y variables don't change.  Even if there is a way to re-start the Blob_Tracking function if no blob is found?

any help would be greatly appreciated

Anonymous 12 year
The Blob tracking is designed to change its IDs since it doesn't really know that the blob is the same as the one before. I assume you are wanting to just track the position of the blob? Perhaps you could then just use the Center of Gravity module instead of the blob tracking module if you know that you always just want the cog coordinates of whatever is visible in the screen. Or are you using the blob tracking for the trail information?

Seems like if you want to force the ID to always be 1 then either the Center of Gravity or the Blob Filter module/Geometric Stats modules should provide the information you need.

Perhaps you could include your robofile for us to peek at?


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