Solar tracker
Jacob from Australia  [1 posts]
9 years
Hi All,

Looking for a solution to use the software for a solar tracker by attaching a mirror to a pan tilt device. Following steps are required:
1. Camara to find and save location of focal point (could be a frying pan or stirling engine). This will be a set position.
2. Next step to locate the centre of the sun and constantly updates the coordinates. (solar movement along the sky)
3. constantly calculate angle between focal point and sun centre and position the mirrors and 1/2 the angle. (This will direct the sun beam to the focal point)

Is this programmable?

I want to contol a number of units to generate sufficient heat. Each unit works with a camera to perform the required task individually. Can the software cope with several units running in parallel?

Will use roborealm with a trossen robotics pan tilt unit. Could this be a feasable project?

I'm a power engineer and not much involved in programming etc.  Some support will be highly appreciated.

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