What is the LASER_ORIENTATION variable in Laser_Spot module?
Shane from United States  [10 posts]
12 years
I can't find any description for the LASER_ORIENTATION variable in the Laser_Spot module. I don't understand what it could be and would appreciate a description of it. It may help my project.

Thank you.
Anonymous 12 years

It was an unsuccessful attempt to determine the orientation of the laser spot in the situation where it was partially visible, i.e. the spot is on the corner of an edge. If you could detect this it is a useful thing to know since it would somewhat indicate the surface normal that the laser spot is on. This attempt, unfortunately,  didn't seem to work very well but we left it in there just in case we found a use for it someday.

What are you needing for your project?

Shane from United States  [10 posts] 12 years
I have designed a system using RoboRealm to have a laser track objects moving across the field of vision of a webcam. Its pretty much all done but I was just curious what the LASER_ORIENTATION variable was. If it did something useful it might have let me do a little bit more.

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