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8 years
In the API Documentation it is written:

The following request closes RoboRealm in a nice manner. If you are running RoboRealm on the same machine that your API program is located you can use the "open" routine to start the RoboRealm process and this close request to terminate the application.


I would like to use the open routine (start RR from a LabVIEW-Program), but I cannot send any command to the port until it is opened. This means that I have to start RR manually before I can communicate with it... Where is my mistake?

Anonymous 8 years
I solved the problem by just using LabVIEW to open another program. But is there a possibility to open RR without running the pipeline?
Anonymous 8 years
Do you mean just load up a blank pipeline? See the Options button and the Startup tab and select something other than "load last program". Once you exit that setting should be saved and will prevent RR from starting with a program.

Alternatively, you can start RR using

RoboRealm.exe empty.robo

which will force it to load empty.robo onstartup which should be a robofile that you just saved without having anything in the pipeline.

Does that do it?

Anonymous 8 years
Yes that's an idea. But I would like to load my robo-file without running it. I solved it by starting up RR and than send a command to stop the pipeline.
But I found another problem. If I select "Startup in Kiosk-Mode", the program displays not the same as when I toggle to Kiosk mode after start-up. (Sorry for my english...)

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