How to set up the API and the Logitech_Orbit module
Thomas Brady from United States  [6 posts]
8 years
I have a client (in Adobe AIR) connected to the socket. I have confirmed that the socket is receiving my requests. I'm getting the <response>ok</response> back just fine.

What I'm trying to do is PTZ a Logitech Orbit. I'm sending:

I have also tried "move" instead of "command", as well as "move_map". None of this is doing anything. I'm sure that I just don't understand how to interact with modules.

I just want to be able to issue "left" "right" "up" "down" "zoom in" and "zoom out" commands from my client.
Anonymous 8 years
You probably first want to add the Logitech Orbit module and type in something into the variable field. That variable can then be set using the API to different values. So if you type the word "move" in that module's Variable field you can then set the variable using


which will change the variable 'move' to 1.

Thomas Brady from United States  [6 posts] 8 years
Thanks! That worked.

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