Slow Spykee module
patrik from Netherlands  [4 posts]
12 years

I have a problem I need help with.
The idea is to read two values from the serialport, and then let these values control a Spykee robot via the Spykee module.
In principle my program works, but there is a delay of several seconds. The strange thing is that the delay is still there if I disable the spykee module and just display the values. So, I have two questions:
1. Is there some really bad solution in the program, or why is it so slow? Or is the Spykee module really slow?
2. Why is the program slow even when I disabled (and disconnected) the Spykee module?

I hope someone can help me!



Anonymous 12 years

If you look on the right side of the modules would will notice a bunch of gray numbers in the main RR GUI. Those numbers represent the speed each module is taking to complete its task. What do yours show when things are really slow?

My bet would be the serial module is the one that is slowing things down. If you think about how the sequence that you are reading work it will look for


which you will notice there is no delimiter between feedback and command. Are you really sending


or something to that effect? Perhaps you can try adding a newline/linefeed to the end of the serial send and things may improve.

Also, can you run faster than 9600 baud?

patrik from Netherlands  [4 posts] 12 years

Your suggestions did not help, but I switched to another computer and now it works. I have no idea what the problem was, all firewalls etc was turned off. Anyway, it does not matter anymore. Still curious why deleting the Spykee module removed the delay and the disable didn't. Any comments on that?

Anonymous 12 years

Nope, no thoughts on why deleting versus disabling would cause any difference. The only possibility is that when the module initially runs and you disable it still trys to complete the requested network connection. When deleted it will force that connection to fail. Perhaps that's the reason....


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