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I am using two cameras and i have to continuously look for a pattern RB color moving in environment. once my robot recognized the pattern
.i have to check weather its in the front or a back camera and i am planning to code something like this

if red && blue color detected in any screen

check if  its front camera

move backwards


move forward

Please let me know how i can code this VB , or assign each camera a number. I am not sure if i explained my problem clearly.
Anonymous 8 years

Based on how you would check the two cameras you would already know which is which. For example you can use the Marker module to select a different camera than the default one. Based on this selection it would either be called a specific name (i.e. you are using a Logitech and a Creative Cam) or be numbered in a specific way (i.e. Logitech #1 and Logitech #2). So after the maker module selects which camera you are using you would run through a couple filters to decide if that object is present and set the motor values appropriately. For the next cam, you would use the Marker module and then all the filters once again.

Or you could use the Mosaic module to stitch the two images together and process them at the same time ... and decide on which side the object is in order to determine if it is the forward versus reverse camera.

The important part is that once you have the robofile working you CANNOT remove the usb webcams and plug them back in ... otherwise they may switch the order. As long as them remain plugged in the order should be preserved but if removed then you have a 50/50 chance of getting the right configuration again. This is a Windows USB limitation and there is not much we can do to remedy this. But note that this is for two same branded cameras ... using different brands will not have this issue.

If you need help with the detection please include a sample image and two if two different cameras are to be used.


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