Floor Finder tweaking
mbahr from United States  [23 posts]
13 year
I've been working on several techniques to enable my Rovio to wander around my cluttered basement.  I am having trouble tuning the floor finder to differentiate between the floor and vertical surfaces that have a similar color / texture.  I'm hoping for some feedback from the gang here.

My floor is a beige berber carpet.  I have a cardboard box and an old beige computer case which are (evidently) similar enough in color to the floor so that it confuses this module.

My process is:
Grab an image
Process via floor finder
Dilate it by 5
Smooth Hull

The point location is ending up in the wrong spot because Floor Finder is confused.

Is there anything special to tuning this module?  Can the wall finder somehow be used to build a stronger line at the floor / vertical joint?

See attached photos.

All input is welcome (and needed)...

mbahr from United States  [23 posts] 13 year
oops...  images attached to this post.

Anonymous 13 year

You could add in a largest blob filter just before you dilate the results. That would help in this specific case to remove the box from the image ... but that's largely by luck since the box is almost disjoint from the floor.

You may also look into this page


which was passed to us by another member which really helps with the image brightness issue and will hopefully improve your image color too.

mbahr from United States  [23 posts] 13 year
Ohhhh... the largest blob filter sounds promising!  I'll try that.

Thanks for the link to rovio brightness.  I'll give it a whirl.

mbahr from United States  [23 posts] 13 year
The filter worked well.  It, of course, uncovered some other things I have to look at when the robot is in a different situation.  I keep finding new things to tweak and try.  I guess that is the essence of an interesting hobby.

The more I play with this program the more impressed I am!  Holy moly this thing does alot!!!

mbahr from United States  [23 posts] 13 year
I took a different approach that (finally) seems to be working right.

Blob filter for largest
Close 4:4
Smooth Hull
Point Location
VBscript, etc

The BIG thing I did is to setup the Rovio camera at 640x480, high quality, and low brightness with enhancement.  I had been running at the 320x240 to conserve framerate but I think it just didn't have enough good information to use to discern the carpet pattern and all of the edges in my messy basement.  <g>

So, things are looking up!

Thanks so much for all of the help!


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