Best practices for detecting small color blobs
Alan from United States  [1 posts]
9 years
I have 4 different colored blobs that I want to detect. I want to generate a log file showing when and how long the blobs were present. These blobs will be fairly small (i.e. 2-3 inches). What are the best practices in this scenario, in terms of camera type, camera positioning angle, and RR modules to use?

Many thanks
Anonymous 9 years

Its best if you have a sample image that we could review. In general (and any of these could easily be invalidated by seeing an actual image) you can pay attention to

1. Color - Red, Green and Blue are in general good colors to track simply because they are the primary colors that most cameras use and are sensitive to. Green is normally the best since Red is often in wood or skin colors and blue is often seen in shadowed areas.

2. Camera placement should be as close as possible viewing the blob parallel to the CCD sensor (i.e. viewing straight down/up) but still viewing the entire tracking area. The type of camera will depend a lot on how quickly you want to track and in what lighting conditions you want to track ... there is a lot more that goes into picking the right camera but that requires detailed knowledge of the environment. Sometimes it is best just to experiment with a couple and see which one works the best.

3. RR modules, see RGB_Filter and Color_Filter depending on what colors are being tracked and how specific you will need to be on the colors. Try RGB_Filter first and then Color_Filter if you don't get the response you need in RGB_Filter.

Naturally, seeing an image will probably cause a completely different answer ... but since you asked...


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