Object Tracing
Kshitij Burman from India  [10 posts]
9 years
I had made a program which can detect a red ball and can detrmine it location . That is not some thing great but the twist is that, I want to control  my servo directly from the computer  whitout using any kind of board or PIC .
If you have any idea how to control servo with the help of USB and whitout using any kind of PIC , Board etc. then please write .(I want to  build a robot which i really made. I hate collecting some PIC and Board from internet and combine  it  and  then say , "wow! i have made a bot.". Its like solving a problem but i want to Create problem and solve it.)
Anonymous 9 years

That's definitely not an area we've had much experience with. Its low level electronic advise that you want. I'd recommend something like the Circuit Cellar site/magazine for a question like that.


Seems like most are quite happy not to have to jump so deep into the electronics ... but good luck with your project!


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