tracking single movments object
schwibby from Italy  [1 posts]
9 years
question :

i want to make a movment tracker... the problem is : when i have one object (person) robeal track it perfect... when two object appear in webcam roborealm expand the COG to all movments objects..

i want to track only one object a time... when the object stop then roborealm process next active object.. is possible?

the idea was if i have 10 person walking roborealm follow only one of this i don't want to discriminate people... i need only one tracking whit relative COG.

another think is is possible to delimit only few area for tracking?
Anonymous 9 years

The COG module is for entire image only. You should have a look at the Blob_Filter module to isolate and track (using the BLOB array) multiple objects at once. Note that you may need to average the image a little in order to merge the difference blobs otherwise you will end up with many blobs per person.

From there you can also try the Blob_Tracking module which will use blob statistics (and the original color information) to track blobs from one image to the next. That will give you a movement path of people.

If you have a video of people that you'd like to track try posting it somewhere with a link to it here and we can provide more precise  suggestions.


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