soubhagya from India  [1 posts]
8 years
i am new to microcontroller.
i am working on a project i want to receive serial data from gps receiver module & to send it to gsm modem serially to send a sms of the location.
i am using atmega 16.plz help me if the text can directly input to the microcontroler&can be sent to gsm modem directly?
the gps receiver is of baud rate4800 so plz help me to write program.i am using avr studio to write progam to microcontroller.
trhank you
Anonymous 8 years

You may have better luck getting this answered on an Atmega forum. While we do use RoboRealm to interact with MCU's of various types, questions concerning internal programming of the MCU is best done on their respective sites ...

but maybe someone here knows the answer?


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