human following robot
8 years
Hi, I'm trying make a human following robot. Is there any way to track and follow a person without using color detection? My objective is to track a nurse wearing white which make color detection inefficient.
Anonymous 8 years

That will be a difficult task. You will typically have to identify something that can be visually tracked. Tracking something white with no texture or identifying marks is very tricky.

You may be able to track movement as a possible feature. Baiscally you would assume that the nurse wearing white would cause the background to change (i.e. to white) which could be used to track movement. The issue is that on a white wall you'd probably not see anything.

You may want to either change the environment or change your sensor for this task. Changing the environment by adding in something that could be tracked like some color or fiducial would help. Changing your sensor to perhaps thermal (i.e. detect body heat) would be another possibility. Or if you have a depth sensor (IR, Sonar or Lidar) you could follow the closest object to the robot which if it started off next to the nurse may work quite well. Vision may not be the best sensor in this case.

Gregoire Le Gros from United Kingdom  [3 posts] 8 years
Could you ask nurse to wear an RFID tag ?

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