Anti-aliasing Problem
13 year
I have searched the forum and documentation, but have not found a good solution to my issue.

I have captured two different images on two different computers and it seems that one was captured with anti-aliasing off and one with anti-aliasing on.

I've mucked with the graphics card settings on both machines and have not found a way to turn anti-aliasing off.

So now I'd like to see if there is a feasible way to manipulate the images using RoboRealm to mimic no anti-aliasing.  I tried many modules, but have not found a good solution.

Attached please find two images that I've scaled to 4000x2774 and cropped.  It visually easy to see the difference in the images.

Any thoughts as to how to manipulate the anti-aliasing?

Thanks for any directions that can be provided!

Anonymous 13 year
If you are looking to change the anti-aliased version to the other you could just apply a threshold and then a blob colorize (to get back the color). Or I am missing what you ideally want to do with the aliased version?

Attached un-aliased image and robofile.




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