SRV laser and pan tilt problem
Gao from Australia  [3 posts]
12 years
Hi all

I have some problems with my SVS1b surveyor robot. First,  i can't find a way to control pan-tilt. I found the servo tabs in Roborealm, but which one shall I use? and how? Second, I tried the laser range measurement, it seems to me that it hardly works. what i did is give a variable under laser tab, but the result is not stable and the reading seems meaningless.

Thanks in advance
Anonymous 12 years

The servo tabs that you see in that module are actually for an RCM extension board for the SRV.


We've just added support for the TMR6 and 7 pins. Please download the latest version and you will now see one Servo tab and a bunch of RCM Servo tabs. Ignore the RCM (assuming you don't have the board) and just use the TMR pins to connect your servos to the SRV.

Yes, the laser will only work under ideal circumstances. That value comes directly from the SRV system and is not generated by RoboRealm. You can certainly add in filters to attempt to do this in RoboRealm but we've not found the results to be stable either.

v2.26.2 has these additions.

Gao from Australia  [3 posts] 12 years
Thanks Steven, i will make a try.
Gao from Australia  [3 posts] 12 years
It works. Thank again.

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