Controlling anoteher pc via USB
11 years
i am looking for a way to control another pc via USB, a bit like the pc with roborealm was a USB keyboard. My plan is to have roborealm look for certain changes with a webcam, and depending on the changes send different keystrokes to the other computer. The problem is that it should also work when the other pc is in the BIOS, so i canĀ“t run any programs on the computer im controlling. Is there a way to accomplish this?

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Anonymous 11 years

What you say "the other pc is in the BIOS" do you mean that the other PC has not even booted up an OS and is in the BIOS configuration screen?

If so you have an interesting problem in that you somehow need to emulate a PC keyboard but with the connection being in the other second PC. While USB PC keyboards can be recognized even when in BIOS configuration I'm not aware of any USB cable or application that would cause the second PC to send USB commands over the cable as if it where a keyboard.

I presume that there is possibly a way to do this but that would require the second PC to act like a keyboard HID device would which we're not familiar with in terms of what signals it would send to do so.

Have you found anything that would cause this second PC to look like a keyboard over a USB connection?


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