API - vb6 communication loss
jorge holguin from United States  [13 posts]
9 years
Very often is seems to me that the API fail to perform the commands sent by my VB6 program. Is it possible that a rr command is not received by RR when sent from VB6?
Anonymous 9 years

That is a tricky question given that we cannot replicate your environment ... perhaps you can include a snippet of VB6 code here that you are using that exhibits this behavior?

One thing you can try is to increase the number of threads the API uses (see Options button->API Server->threads) to something larger than 1. You can also watch the message log to see if that does not update when a command is sent by your VB6 application. It is possible that if you send an incorrect or illegal command that the system will not respond to that command. The message log should make a note of this and can be helpful when debugging.

jorge holguin from United States  [13 posts] 9 years
Hi STeven
Wow!. I first tried with 5 threads and it did not work then I tried with 10 and now it does not fail!. Thank you a lot.
Now, could  you please explain to me what is a "Thread".
And also, How do I watch the message log?.
Excuse my ignorance and Thank you again.
Anonymous 9 years

In this case a thread can be thought of as an instance of RoboRealm that can perform some work. So, in the case of a company all the people in a single department that overlap each other in terms of skillset (i.e. you have 10 sales people) could be considered threads. In this example there would be 10 threads, i.e. 10 sales people could perform the same task and handle 10 customers that come through the door. The 11th customer would have to wait until a sales person completes their task and is once again free for a new customer. (Sorry for the sales reference!!).

In our case, 10 threads in RoboRealm mean that 10 other programs can be communicating with RoboRealm without having to wait for responses. So why wouldn't you increase this to 100 or 1000? It has to do with resources. If you increase the number then the machine would function much slower and probably not be able to service anyone very quickly as the CPU is a finite resource. In our case it is better to deny access rather than perform really slow access. Going back to our earlier example, it is better to have 10 quick sales people than 100 really REALLY slow sales people as customers would just become frustrated and move on.

You should be able to view the message log by Options button->API Server ->bottom text area and leaving that interface open. It only logs the requests when the interface is open (again to save on any resources).


jorge holguin from United States  [13 posts] 9 years
Crystal clear STeven.
Thanks a lot

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