usb connection to parallax board of education
Steven Nelson from United States  [4 posts]
8 years
I've been looking for a working solution on how to communicate with a Parallax board of education and the basic stamp 2 using a Wired usb connection but so far I havent figured it out from the posts on this forum.

I see that yes there is a module for the BOEBOT and a bluetooth connection to RoboRealm. So my question is can I use this module and a Wired usb connection and how do you code that on the stamp side and the RoboRealm side.

I intend to use the Basic stamp2 just as the interface for things like ping sensors, IR sensors and switches. The actual robot is Much larger than a Boebot
Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 8 years
The roborealm serial module provides a generic interface to a variety of microprocessors.  It seems like the BOE has a FTDI or equivalent USB to serial host on it, so it will appear as a serial comm port ot your PC.  From a 1000 foot view: On the Basic stamp you will need to setup a serial messaging system (look at the serial comms tutorials on the parallax site) so that  when the BS receives a message from the roborealm serial module, the BS will do the appropriate action and pass the information back over the serial port.
Here is a long discussion of these issues:

Start simple and build up!  

have fun,

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