Awesome new modules!
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Hey STeven et. al.,

I just wanted to thank you for the three latest new modules.  Not only was I just thinking about needing color calibration for a color vision experiment I am doing, but I just purchased a USB GPS device for my robot.  Now if I could only afford a laser scanner...

You guys are amazing.


Anonymous 9 years

Thanks! The GPS module was under development for a while but never got finalized (lots of GUI work needed for that module!).

Let us know if you run into issues with that module and your GPS device. We've only tested it on a few so it is likely that some strange NMEA data may still need to be dealt with.

Also note that we made a couple useful updates over the weekend to this module .. inlcuding a serial console so that you can see the NMEA data.

Yea, that laser scanner is really nice. We were lucky to have one on loan from RoadNarrows (a Denver/Loveland robotic distributor) to play with. At 10fps it worked faster than a 1980's SICK device we had been working on a couple weeks ago.

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Dang--I haven't even had a chance to play with the GPS module yet and you guys are already making improvements!  :-)  I just now plugged in my GlobalSat BU-353 USB GPS unit and the RoboRealm GPS module (version 2.20.2) picked it up immediately and started showing data.  Very cool.  Can't wait to put it to work.

Anonymous 9 years

Very nice module. I use Microsoft GPS.
What is the max renew rate for this kind GPS.
Right now is 1 HZ, can we get higher rate?



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