Velleman K8055 driver
patrik from Netherlands  [4 posts]
14 year

I had some problems trying to hook up my K8055 board. Does the module support the 3.0.2 version of the driver or should I use the old one (2.'something')?
Also, does anyone have an simple example of a program communicating with this board?

Anonymous 14 year

Actually we're not sure what version the module supports as we just created it from spec and didn't actually have the board to experiment nor test with. This module was added from via this discussion


so we're not sure what may be going wrong!
Gregoire Le Gros from United Kingdom  [3 posts] 13 year
I was very pleased to download RoboRealm this morning, play about for a bit and then take my K8055 from the drawer, hook it up ( making sure the interrupts are selected correctly in RoboRealm 8055 module) and find that I can track the X co-ordinate of my blob and get a beep when the blob moves X>200. Also set digital output #1 to high on the K8055. ( Cant find how to include an else statement yet ) This is going to be a lot of fun and I will be looking to track Mr Fox when he comes into my garden.
Jarrett from Australia  [5 posts] 12 year
I had problems interfacing my K8055 with RoboRealm, and found that it was the .dll version I was using, version After getting the version 4 .dll from the Velleman website (http://www.velleman.eu/support/downloads/?code=K8055), the board works perfectly.

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