Use YUY2 compression by default
Jonathan Morgan from United States  [5 posts]
8 years
2 questions:

Is it possible to force RR to use YUY2 compression by default, instead of other available types of compression?

Also, can I set the serial port (within the Serial module) RR uses by default?

I realize all these changes can be done manually, but I'd prefer not to have to click through menus every time I start up RR.

Anonymous 8 years

The YUY settings would be based on the camera driver and, unfortunately, RoboRealm does not have direct access to that information unless you first use the Camera properties module which can be configured to alter the camera properties. Sometimes the device driver interfaces in the camera also provide  a "Save as Default" button which could be used to force the setting to YUY.

In terms of the serial, are you starting with no program in RoboRealm and then add the serial module in? If so, we just added a "remember" setting which will configure new serial modules added in. If instead you just want the same settings to be used each time you startup RoboRealm see the Options button->Startup tab->Load Last will reload all the last settings used.

Or perhaps you could clarify why you are reinserting modules each time you run RoboRealm?


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