How to upload to robot, Rovio- New at this
tbird04 from United States  [3 posts]
14 year
How to upload to robot, Rovio? I am new at this. Thank you.
Anonymous 14 year

I'm assuming you are using RoboRealm with the Rovio.

Unfortunately, the Rovio does not have the computing requirements onboard the robot to execute generic vision routines. Thus, RoboRealm communicates to the robot over wireless (802.11) to receive the image the Rovio sees, process it and then send the movement commands back to the Rovio. Thus you need a desktop/laptop/netbook computer in the loop connected wirelessly in order to process the image. You can think of the PC as extending the robots brain without needed the space and power requirements onboard the robot.

Does that help clarify the situation?

tbird04 from United States  [3 posts] 14 year
Thanks steven,

If I understand it right, I have to have RoboRealm running when I run my Rovio, that is right?
Anonymous 14 year
In order to leverage RoboRealm's image processing capabilities with the Rovio, then yes, you would need to run RoboRealm when running your Rovio. If you just want to run the capabilities that come with the Rovio then you would not need to have RoboRealm running.

Essentially, whenever you want to process the image in some way and react to what the Rovio sees then you'll have to have RoboRealm running.


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