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Hello all, I'm looking to create a simple robot project using the arduino and the DCS-920 WIRELESS G NETWORK CAMERA (ftp://ftp10.dlink.com/pdfs/products/DCS-920/DCS-920_ds.pdf , I hope this camera will work well?) which will hopefully work with this software in order to provide vision to play around with. I've got most of the components selected, but I'm currently puzzled on how to power it all. I do not want it to have any tether cords hanging off. Heres the thing: I can power the arduino and all other components using a typical 9V battery, then use a 6V rechargable battery for the motors/servos. I saw that the DLink camera uses 5V, is this all I would have to think about? It's possible that I could buy a third 5V battery and then some sort of adapter so that I can directly plug it into the Camera? I'd be grateful to hear anyone else's more cost-effective power systems.
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Hi Evan,

I've been using the D-Link 920 wireless camera for quite awhile on my robot together with RoboRealm.  You can see it in action at my earlier post:


The image is quite good and I get a full 30 fps at 320x240 resolution.  The only problem can be a small delay between events in the real world and when it appears in the image.  In other words, if I move my hand in front of the camera, I can some times notice a delay before the image of my hand moves.  STeven explained that this can be due to traffic on the network.  But most of the time I don't see any delay at all.

As for power, I use a rechargeable 7.2V battery and a 5V voltage regulator from RoboticsConnection.com at:


You can probably get the power jack at Radio Shack or similar store or you can do what I did which is to simply cut the cable off the included 5V transformer. :-)  You then attach the bare ends to the 5V regulator.


Evan from United States  [3 posts] 9 years
Thanks for the answer; and the robot your building looks very interesting, its really serving for an inspiration for my own project. I had a few other questions, whoever can answer:
I'm hoping to have a robot that will be comprised of an arduino (with a WiShield attached), a DLink 920 Camera, 2 small 5VDC motors, and two 5V servos. I plan to do some experimenting to see if I can drive the servo's using simply the micro controller. I plan to drive the two motors using this motor controller : http://www.robotshop.us/pololu-low-voltage-serial-controller-3.html . In order to reduce noise/protect my electronics, I plan to buy two of the same type of Rechargeable batteries, probably 7.2V NiMH (http://www.robotshop.us/gws-rechargeable-battery-nimh-7v-1600mah-3.html  Are these decent batteries to use? Is there something with a similar price that would work better?). One will be used to power the servo's and the motors, the other will be used to power the camera, the arduino, and the other control circuitry. I'm hopeing the camera will not drain the power to fast, and I plan to use the 5V switching voltage regulator in order to power it with the battery. Does this system sound like it will work? Thanks to anyone who reads through all of this and gives an answer.

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