What would be the best webcam to use with RoboRealm & an Intel Atom (DG945GCLF)
Mbainrot from Australia  [3 posts]
9 years
Hey STeven,

I have a feeling this question has been already asked but I guess the only dumb question is a question un-asked.

What would be the best webcam that can be recommended ($0-$250 AUD price range) that would work well on the Intel Atom DG945GCLF?

Needs to perform well in low-light, fluro lit rooms (incandesent rooms work well due to the CCDs being sensitive to infrared, which is emitted in bucket loads with incandesent lighting), possibly work well with lumiled (high power LED) artificial lighting, etc.

When I say perform well I mean a reasonable frame rate (10fps for example), NO BLURRING, this is the critical factor, a blurry camera when it moves is useless because the moment my bot moves it'll be like it just had 5 pints of beer :)

Interface options are only USB 2.0 (no firewire), and due to the design of the enclosure of the atom board it can't depend on the PCI expansion :(.

Alternatively a good capture card (USB) with recommended camera will do as it will make mounting it allot easier.

I'll eventually post pics of my beast once it gets out of prototyping (currently the only metal parts are the metal plate for the motherboard,  the rest of the bot is a thick paper based 1:1 scale model)

Thanks Heaps :)

Kindest Regards,
Anonymous 9 years

Actually that's a good question that constantly evolves as cameras (and the software) get better. In terms of what we've liked in the past for robot cameras the Logitech and Phillips are the favored. They are both quite good in low light and preserve framerate. The Phillips can go higher than 30 fps (rated 90fps) which will really help with reducing motion blur as the frame capture is fast. We're not 100% sure they meet all your requirements but they are some of the best we've come across and tried ourselves.

Note that we don't have every USB camera under the sun so these recommendations should be taken as advisement given our selected cameras. The best way is to experiment with many and see which ones works the best ... naturally this is just not always possible!

Pan Tilt - http://www.surpluscomputers.com/348930/logitech-960-000111-quickcam-orbit-af.html
Small form factor - http://www.pcconnection.com/IPA/Shop/Product/Detail.htm?sku=7740255
High speed fps - http://www.consumer.philips.com/c/webcams-headsets/pro-for-laptops-spc2050nc_27/prd/us/


Mbainrot from Australia  [3 posts] 9 years
Hey STeven,

Thanks for your quick reply :)

I guess another factor I gotta compensate for is "you get what you pay for" I bought a cheap webcam (Roughly $50AUD), and well um, its delightful ;)


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