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quitana from Germany  [20 posts]
10 years

I have a question about your RoboRealm Program an the Performance of it.

Is RoboRealm develop from scratch or did they use open libraries like OpenCV. Are they any performance measurements or does anybody hase an estimate for the performance in comparison with OpenCV?

Thank you very much.

Anonymous 10 years

RoboRealm is developed from scratch without using any part of OpenCV ... which did not exist beyond a couple of routines when RoboRealm was first created. It terms of performance comparisons it will really depend on what you are doing. As we don't verify our routines against OpenCV what I would recommend is to first test your thinking in RoboRealm (to avoid a lot of recoding in OpenCV) and then try to implement the same solution in OpenCV. You would be able to get a good comparison then of the speed of the two systems.

Other than that, you can always ask us about a specific module and if there is any chance of increasing the performance. As RoboRealm is written with generality in mind, modules can be customized to more specific tasks with greater speed in mind. Or we may be able to recommend different modules that perform approximately the same task but with greater speed.

Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 10 years
Quick note:  I wrote an optical flow module in openCV 2.0 using Shi/Tomasi Corners and the built in LK optical flow algorithm.  I used the same number of points with the OpenCV routine and the Roborealm optical flow module.  I ran them both on the same input video file.  The openCV 2.0 module ran at 11 fps and the roborealm module ran at 19 fps.  Roborealm showed an almost 70% increase in performance over openCV. I was running without the Intel Performance Primatives.  I suspect that openCV could be optimized to run as fast as Roborealm, but the out of the box behaviour is much slower.

OpenCV becomes essential if you move to a linux environment.  However, with PC104 boards available with Atom chips, you can just run embeddedXP and roborealm.

have fun,

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