How to get webcam on linux server connected to RR on PC?
Paul Bouchier from United States  [3 posts]
9 years
Hi. Sorry for the newbie question, but I've searched the documentation & forum & can't find an answer. Please redirect me to any documentation as appropriate.

I have a couple of robots with a usb webcam connected to a linux box on the robot using the v4l (video for linux) driver. One is a roomba with a fon 2.0g router running wrt-linux and the other is a spykee. Yes I know there's a control module for spykee, not sure yet if it puts images into the pipeline. The linux box is available on the network (via wifi) to the PC running RR.

Question: what ways can I get video from the linux box to RR on the PC? What protocols does RR support for network-connected cameras? Is there a recommended camera server to run on the linux box? Recommended libraries that a server on the linux box would use to serve up images?

Thanks in advance


Anonymous 9 years

There are a couple of ways to do this. Probably the two best ways to do this would be to use a Plugin or the API to send the image to RoboRealm. The Plugin would require an image from the remote system in order for the pipeline to proceed. Thus if you plan to have RoboRealm be the main clock for the system the Plugin would be the best way to go. Note that you probably would want to use the Socket based plugin and ignore any incoming image from RoboRealm. You can find out more about this at


In terms of the API, if you want to use RR as a image processing server that gets images and processes them based on a remote application then the API is best to use. Most likely using the SetImage function. You can find more about the API at


If you have code on linux that uses v4l and can post that code here we can help complete a plugin that would transmit the image back to RoboRealm.


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