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Jerry Parker from United States  [1 posts]
14 year
Hi there;
I just purchased this today and am looking for help in two general areas:
First, using the web server, is there any way to disable the buttons or otherwise configure the default web page? I want to put the video feed in my own page, where I have many, many more robot controls, or at least add some to the default page.

Second - I've been reading throught the Boe_bot forums, and they mention boe-bot software, however the link to the BS2 file is broken. Can you point me to the corect link?
Specifically, I want to use the boe-bot module, but don't know where to get the bs2 file.

Thanks a lot, I'm really looking forward to getting into the software, you guys have a helluva product!

Jerry Parker
Anonymous 14 year

1. Yes, you can change that page by finding the index.html page in the RoboRealm folder. It is just a regular HTML page with the exception that some of the [variables] are substituted out when the page is served. You can even add more pages in that same folder to be served by the RR webserver.

So you should be able to just delete everything but the applet that serves the video and then use an iframe reference from your webpage to include that video.

2. Sorry, that link was broken as we moved away from the MSRS version of the BoeBot program due to the upgrade to the new bluetooth module they have which makes it a little different than the MSRDS program. This link has now been fixed. Thanks for the tip!



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