Need help sending data from SEI Explorer to RR
killmert from United States  [2 posts]
10 years
I am using a digital encoder from US Digital and their SEI Explorer software to measure the x,y movement of my camera mounted on a tripod. I am not a programmer and can not figure out how to get the data as it is collected from the SEI Explorer sent over to RR so I can capture it as a variable. SEI Explorer is a Visual Basic program and is available at http://www.usdigital.com/support/software/sei.

Any assistance appreciated,
Anonymous 10 years

Unfortunately USDigital claims that this device is not longer being produced. From their support staff:

"Our AD5 product was discontinued back in June of 2008.  I would
recommend that you consider using our USB4 product instead.  See the
USB4 at:


If the USB4 is too expensive, we will have a less expensive single
encoder to USB interface product coming out before too long. "

So, alas, it look like we would not be integrating a module within RoboRealm. If you happen to gain access to one of the newer modules that are still in production let us know.

Are their any other applications that use the SEI explorer that you could perhaps use to grab information from? Either via a screen scrape using the Screen Capture module or perhaps something else?

killmert from United States  [2 posts] 10 years
Thank you Steven for responding so quickly on this.

We will see if we can find someone with Visual Basic programming skill to see if we can get our SEI Explorer program modified to take advantage of current modules in RoboRealm. If we are unsuccessful or decide we are better off with an upgraded product from USDigital could you give a rough estimate on how long it would take to get an integrated module within RoboRealm?

Thanks again,
Anonymous 10 years

SEI does have a dll that could be used in another application to grab the needed values. What we were thinking is that if you could write such an application even in wscript and print out the values that you need this can be integrated into RoboRealm using the Execute module. The tricky part is to write the needed code to use the dll. On the US Digitial site you can download an A2HelloWorld example from the C++ section which comes very close. We've attached our modification to that program. Unzip it and run the A2HelloWorld.exe in the Debug folder ... hopefully this just starts spitting out position information at 200ms increments. The only change we made was to loop printing the position information out and waiting 200ms for the next sample. Again, since we cannot actually run this we're not sure if it even works.

Would this be enough information for your use? If so we can proceed with how RR could access that position information using the Execute module. If not have a look at the included C source as a guide to adding/changing it towards your needs.



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