Screen Capture
Rohit from United States  [4 posts]
9 years
Hello Steven

I am trying to use the screen capture module to read video played by the VLC player. However all i get is blank screen. I tried it with Win Media Player * it works with that.
Do I need any plugin or extension to read vlc's video off RoboRealm ?
Anonymous 9 years
Most likely VLC detours around windows in such a way that RR cannot grab that image by drawing directly to the screen. There isn't any plugin that I am aware of that will allow you to do this.

Are you just playing a video in VLC? If so have you tried the Media_Reader module? That will probably allow you to play the video directly in RoboRealm without needing to use a screen capture (slow) way of getting the video into RoboRealm.

Or does the video not play?


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