Axion Servo Controler
JohnM from United States  [1 posts]
14 year
I am having trouble geetting a servo to move with my Axion controler. I saw the Servo_controller program and downloaded. Got it loaded into my Axion fine but does anyone know where the PC (executable) interface part of this project is located?

Anonymous 14 year
Hi John,

The PC executable interface part is actually the RoboRealm Axon module. The module knows how to communicate with the downloaded Servo_Controller program in order to move the servos ... assuming everything is working on the Axon and the correct COM port is selected.

Besides using RoboRealm you could also create your own PC based program to send the appropriate signals to the Axon. The servo_controller script does not use a very sophisticated protocol and given that you have the source to the Servo_Controller program you could determine that.

Anonymous 14 year
i'm clueless so how do you get the gui to show?
Anonymous 14 year
Insert the Axon module into the pipeline by either finding it in the tree or just use the search tab (3 rd tab) and type in Axon. Then double click on the result and the interface should appear. Any module you see in the pipeline can be edited by double clicking or selecting and pressing the edit button.
Anonymous 14 year
i think i may have worded my question rather vaguely. does this require some software from this website or this that download link truely everything i will need. From your response it sounds like its some built in part of some software that i dont have.
Anonymous 14 year
There are two parts to what you are asking about. If you purchase the Axon from SOR you will receive instructions from here


as to what you would need to download to be able to program/etc. the Axon. If you wish to use the Axon with RoboRealm (the application sold on this site) this is a different piece of software that can be purchased along with the Axon or on this site. Once you have the Axon and RoboRealm you will need this file


and the Servo_Controller.hex file within that zip file in order to download it to the Axon as that is what RoboRealm expects to connect to when using the Axon module within RoboRealm. I.e. the hex file is a Axon program that knows how to talk to the RoboRealm module to make things happen. (Note that the source to this file is in that zip so you can view what it is doing).

So in order to use RoboRealm and the Axon you'd need

1. The Axon hardware
2. The bootloader application
3. The Servo_Controller.hex file mentioned above
4. The RoboRealm application

Does this help?


Rueben from Thailand  [3 posts] 14 year
Hi, what if even after downloading the hex file there is not movement in the servos?.. could you please let me know the possible causes for the error? thanks

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