USB analog video capture stick
Willie from South Africa  [4 posts]
10 years
Hi, does anybody know if the Compro VideoMate C200 USB Capture Stick  (http://www.comprousa.com/en/product/c200/c200.html)  works with RR?

I am looking for a convenient and simple  way to use standard CCTV cameras with analog feed with RR.  The USB webcam interface on RR is the simplest way for me to feed images into RR so any suggestions on a analog USB capture device will be appreciated. Alternatively, suggestions for a  PCI video capture card that works with RR will be wellcome.
Anonymous 10 years

That one looks like it will work. What we typically look for is a USB interface with a DirectX reference ... that typically means it falls into the format that most webcam compatible applications can handle .. including RoboRealm. What you don't know and will not until you get the device is in what format specifically you will get the data. Most of these devices support an RGB24 or RGB555 format which we know and support. Some capture devices have their own proprietary format which sometimes needs an additional device driver or is near enough to another format which we can tweak. (see the folks dealing with the HCW2 format issues from Hauppauge).

Note the above also applies to PCI card type interfaces too.

Regardless, if you get this "format not supported" error you can always check with us first as we might be able to work through that issue.


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