Weld seam detection
Nilanjan from India  [4 posts]
10 years
Dear Sir
I have an application for detection of welding seam with a laser line generator. The line is broken at the point where it crosses the seam. Can your software provide a method for detecting the breakpoint in the laser line?
Best regards
Nilanjan Chakravortty
Anonymous 10 years
Hi Nilanjan,
    Can you please post some images so we can see what your talking about.

Nilanjan from India  [4 posts] 10 years
Dear Sir
Please find enclosed a sample pic. Need to detect the point where the metals are joined i.e. where the laser line breaks.

Anonymous 10 years

Yes, this is possible but given your image which is very badly focused you might not want to use a laser.

Attached is a quick red filter which shows the break in the laser line. We're not sure what the final intended use is but perhaps that can start as a discussion point.

Given that this may not be a realistic image ... why do you need the laser line? The edge of the two blocks is clearly indicated and could be detected using an edge detector. Why is the laser being used? Given the bad focus the laser does not appear to help much ...



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