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Malbee Scott from United States  [6 posts]
10 years
First, let me say that regarding RR being no longer free, I don't think that as much time as you put into its development and helping people solve problems, that charging a reasonable fee is out of line.  I have been watching for new modules and fixes that I feel would be useful to my application prior to buying, as additional downloads are only good for a year, I wish to get the best bang for the buck.

I recently have seen some that I feel might be useful, however I have noticed that the image matching module has been eleminated.  Although this module was a bit buggy, I have had fair success and much fun working with it.  Is there any chance of your adding that module back in.  I feel that loosing it would hinder some of the things I wish to do.

Additionally, I have seen a few inquires about "WaveFront".  I have put together a VBScript wavefront program that seems to work very well.  I designed it to directly interface with Microsoft Excel so one can view the map generated, as well as change the map as to obsticles directly from Excel.  Although it took me a great deal of time to write and get the bugs out of it, I have no problem sharing it with anyone who might be interested.  If so, let me know and I'll put together the group of scripts with directions and get them to you to share.

Anonymous 10 years
I'd like to second Mal's comment regarding the cost of RoboRealm.  To me, $89 is the bargain of the century. LabView's vision package (including the base package) is well over $4,000.  Yes, LabView it is a more comprehensive system but it is also more complex and WAY more money.  For about the same price as three sonar sensors you can get RoboRealm and be up an running in five minutes, watching the effects of different filters in real time, not to mention all the built-in interfaces for multiple robots.

Kudos to STeven and his team for such a great product.  I was happy to pay the $89 and I look forward to further developments.


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