Manipulating Probes (Line probe)
Franklin  [23 posts]
14 year

I would programmatically use the edge probe to check the alignment of a blob/object.  I’m thinking of maybe finding the Cog of an object and then rotate the edge probe around it (see images for slightly sloppy example).

How do I programmatically rotate the edge probe rectangle and keep it square?  There must be a magic formula to figure out where the green, cyan, purple and blue boxes should end up.  If I can rotate it cleanly a little translation back and forth might be all that is needed.  Does this make sense?

Thank you.

Anonymous 14 year
Would you not be able to use 2 line probes to accomplish this job?

Also, note that you can use the


notation in the X,Y coordinates for the probes which can be based on the COG detected. Included is a robofile that does just that for a really simple image. Note that we move the object to the center of screen and just use a static line probe ... you could also move the probes by specifying [200+cog_x] or something to that effect. Either way you should get the same results.

Note that you will have to download the latest version of RR for this to work ... we just added the ability for the [variable] fields to be full expression based ... i.e. expressions like [4*cog_y+(cog_x/2)] now work.

Franklin  [23 posts] 14 year


Expressions will be very helpful

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