Addition of SIFT module to Roborealm
10 years

We are working on the computer vision problem of category and object recognition. We have been using Roborealm extensively for image processing like saving the image in a particular format, removing particular colour channels, adding colour channels etc. For the object recognition purposes we are using Scale Invariant Feature Transform for matching features between the training and test datasets. We were wondering whether it would be possible to develop a module in Roborealm for SIFT. It would immensely reduce the time it takes us presently to do feature matching using the SIFT code we are using. This would help us in taking the processing to a real-time environment on the robot instead of off-line as we are presently doing.

Please let me know if this would be a possibility and if you might need any additional information regarding the same.

Anonymous 10 years

While that would be an excellent addition to RoboRealm we are, unfortunately, not permitted (by law) to add such a module as that particular algorithm is patented by and we do not have permission to include that algorithm within RoboRealm. Doing so would also increase the cost of RoboRealm substantially.


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