Stereo Module
Win Heagy from United States  [31 posts]
9 years
Is there any documentation for the Stereo module?  I see the 3D Viewer docs, but nothing for Stereo.  Is it made for depth maps or something else?

Thanks - Win
Anonymous 9 years

That module is available for testing purposes only and computes the depth map based on two images (SSD technique). As it does not do a very good job and also does even that very slowly it is not a supported nor officially released module. It is made available such that some developers and vendors we are working with can test it out on their hardware but is not meant for continuous use.

Is there something specific that you are curious about?

Win Heagy from United States  [31 posts] 9 years
No, that answers my question.  I recently upgraded my SRV-1 to stereo and was working with the 3D Viewer module, but also saw the Stereo module and was curious.  Thanks...Win

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