D-LINK DCS-910 Camera or equivalent wired camera
Dave Cohen from United States  [3 posts]
9 years

Can you tell me if the D-LINK DCS-910 camera will work with Roborealm?  It is a wired ethernet camera which is supposedly equivalent to the DCS-920 (except for the wireless).

Here are the camera network protocols, according to DLINK:

    DHCP Client
    NTP Client
    DDNS Client
    SMTP Client
    FTP Client
    HTTP Server
    DNS Client

I need an wired ethernet camera that will connect to the Linksys WAP mounted on my robot.  If this camera is not suitable, can you suggest a suitable wired ethernet camera?


I am trying out the demo, great application! Can't wait to tie it into my robot
Anonymous 9 years
Yes, that one should work fine assuming they have not changed anything since we last tested it. If you find it does not work let us know.

The wireless DCS 920 also has an ethernet connection which we know works ... wired is actually preferred as there is less delay between reality and image.


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