running 3 unipolar stepper motor using parallel porting..
mad from Philippines  [2 posts]
15 year
we are doing our special project.. and we are facing some problems in programming and how to interface the 3 unipolar stepper motor.. please do help us in our problem... we be glad.. thank you!!
mad from Philippines  [2 posts] 15 year
just a add for this.. we are trying the Visual basic program language.. we already have the control circuit but we really have problem on how to connect the circuit into the pc.. please.. help us...
Anonymous 15 year
Hi mad,

Unfortunately we're not electronic experts and only focus on software. If you are using the Parallel port module that's about as far as we can help towards your project. Perhaps you can post to another forum that is more electronically inclined, or contact the manufacturer of the hardware device for some help (since it is their product) or perhaps someone else reading this forum has more experience with stepper motor circuits and your device in particular.

Of if your issue is a software one you need to be more clear on what your problem is ...

Good luck!
Anonymous 15 year
can you give us some sites that be able to help us?? thank you for your reply.. could you help us on developing on the program??
Anonymous 15 year
Again, we're not familiar with those kinds of circuits and any related websites. What I would do is spend some time using google, bing or your favorite search engine for related sites that may be able to help.

Again, is the manufacturer of the device unable to help? That would be your best source of information.

Anonymous 15 year
pag study mad....!

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