Ren Shirui  [4 posts]
12 years
I'm working on a project aiming to simulate a horse's vision. What I wanna do so far is to remove red color. Waiting for reply. Thanks ahead!
Anonymous 12 years

When you say remove red color what exactly do you mean? If you just remove red from an image then red will appear as black ... which I doubt is how a horse sees. Most likely the red is replaced with another color. Do you have an image of what a human sees versus what a horse sees? It seems more like a mapping of colors perhaps what is seen in the Pseudo_Color module.

Ren Shirui  [4 posts] 12 years
thanks alot!
Here is a picture I downloaded online, which comprares the horses' vision with human's. The red becomes dark and green appears yellowish. If I can filter out red color or replace it with a darker color, this probably can be done. Currently I am trying to use "Combine RGB channel" and combine red and green channels, but it seems not that correct... So ..How can actually I make it?
Anonymous 12 years

Not sure the image made it ... can you try to post it once more?

Again, I think the pseudo mapping and creating your own palette is probably the best way to go ... but having a before and after image might help to illustrate what that conversion might be.


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