Bug in Fiducials
pranavtrehun007 from United Kingdom  [33 posts]
9 years
Hi Steven,

I wish the fiducials module was available an year ago. it would have saved me a lot of time. gr8 work.

there seems to be a bug with the module (fiducials, Robo Realm v 2.2.12). it does not show the variables using the "display" columns. I have even used the separate "Display Variables" module to see the variables. nothing comes up. I donít think the thresholding ranges of this module have a much effect either.

btw STeven, I have a request for you. I really love Robo Realm and I think itís a good CV software. I am a student and canít afford purchasing a license. But i have regularly pointed out bugs and feature requests since the past 10 months. Can you please consider giving me a complementary license. In return I will continue giving my feedback of the bugs that I find like I have been doing in the past.  Please search the forums for my name ďpranavĒ to know about my previous bugs reports and feature requests.

With Regards,
Pranav Trehun
Anonymous 9 years

Could you include a robofile with your experiments? We're not seeing any issues with the variables generated by the Fiducial module. Perhaps you have a strange configuration that is causing some issues. Having the robofile would definately help.

We will contact you separately in regards to your second request.

Anonymous 9 years

I think we figured out your issue. What you are probably seeing is the purple squares instead of green ones. The purple indicate squares that *might* be fiducials but ones that did not match the current database. This is largely to help you understand why a fiducial might not be recognized. In your case you have not yet trained the database on the fiducials to recognize and thus nothing will match.

To remedy this, press the train button in the Fiducials GUI interface and select the Fiducials folder that is in the RoboRealm folder that was installed. That includes some default fiducials that you can test on. That should start the recognition and create the variables that you are not seeing.

We've made an update to default to an already installed database to avoid this from happening in the future. That change is in ver2.4


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