Feature Request - Path Planning Variable
pranavtrehun007 from United Kingdom  [33 posts]
14 year

I am using path planning for my robot. And i wanted to request a feature that will be of tremondous help to those using this module.

When ever there are obstables in the path and there is no path to destination, the plan orientation variable becomes zero. So, my robot tries to orient itself to Zero Degrees and go in that direction. As a result, it starts wandering.

If there was a variable that would indicate wether a path exists, i could use it to give a stop command if there is no path. a simple "0" for path exists and "1" for path does not exist, will be helpful.

pranavtrehun007 from United Kingdom  [33 posts] 14 year
Anonymous 14 year

See the latest version which includes a PATH_POSSIBLE variable that is created in the Path_Planning module.

Thanks for the request!
pranavtrehun007 from United Kingdom  [33 posts] 14 year

Thank you, you're the best. Robo realm has the best support. I really appreciate it.

Keep up the good work,

Pranav Trehun

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