HD Camcorder Issue Persists
Aron from Hungary  [4 posts]
9 years
Hello there again.

Last time I have posted about some issue on HDV Live capturing with RR using Canon HD30 device. I have looked through numerous posts, drivers etc. about having the HD mpeg-2 stream captured by other programs such RR and still no progress. Although HDVSplit and Adobe Preimiere its working: the live signal in HD is displayed and can be captured as well.

Since hd devices are getting very popular is it possible for RR to be able to recognise and use these devices?
Anonymous 9 years

I'm not sure there is anything in particular that RoboRealm would need to do in order to communicate to a HD device. The issue is most likely in a missing DirectX driver or perhaps Canon just does not provide such a driver. Perhaps trying ffdshow as recommended in


might help? Most likely Adope has custom drivers and therefore does not need any DirectX drivers installed for this to work.

Are you able to get AmCap to work with this video source? Do you even see the camera in the camera selection dropdown or is it just absent from that list? Or when selected does it complain about a missing driver?


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