vbscript to calculate processing time
Jay  [5 posts]
10 years
Good afternoon,
I am tinkering with an application requiring me to know the time to process an image. In the script module i have come up with;
CurrentTime = GetStrVariable("IMAGE_TIME")
ProcessingTime = CurrentTime - PreviousTime
SetVariable "ProcessingTime", ProcessingTime
PreviousTime = CurrentTime

this works but produces incorrect + inconsistent times ranging from correct to 7 seconds over.

i believe that the problem i when it is doing the automatic conversion from string to int for the math.

any help in solving this or maybe offering a different idea as to how to calculate processing time would be appreciated.
Thanks for yourr time.

ps stupid question but is their a DebugPrint command built into the script module?
Anonymous 10 years

Not sure about the inconsistent timing but compare your results to the new PROCESS_TIME variable that was added into the latest version (you will have to download RR again). See if the times match somewhat or if the PROCESS_TIME works for your purposes.

As far as the DebugPrint you can use "write" as in

write "hello" & vbCRLF

to print out a message in the VBScript module for debugging purposes.Note that the vbCRLF causes a newline in that printing.

Or were you looking for the system debug print as is sometimes used in kernal type debuggin?


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