using different modules in pipe line
Maryam from Sweden  [3 posts]
9 years

I want to use different modules in pipe line for different aims but still some of the modules may be used for the same purpose. my problem is that I do not know how to separate not related modules from the related ones.

For example if I have 2 aims
1- join 2 points
2- show a circle in the image.

for the 1st purpose I should use Display point Module and Connect-point Module together to reach my aim and for the 2nd purpose I should just use Display circle Module. But I don't know how to separate the 1st 2 modules from the last one.

Any guide is appriciated.

Anonymous 9 years

You can use the If statement module to isolate groups of modules from each other. Basically a single mode variable can be used to perform different tasks.


Display point Module
If some_variable = some_value then
end if

and have something that will change the some_variable value to another value to activate the first or second type of processing. This can be done using the VBScript, Set_Variable, or API techniques.

If you have a specific example please include the robofile so that we can better understand your situation and provide a more precise solution.


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